Sugar & Sweeteners

Coca-Cola to launch own study on microplastics

22 Mar 2018 --- In response to the Orb study that unveiled high levels of microplastics in bottled water, one of the manufactures in question, Coca-Cola, is launching a study investigating the claims. the research – conducted at the State University of New York in Fredonia – reported an average of 325 particles per liter, with concentration ranging from zero to more than 10,000 particles in a single bottle. 

Wholesome!® Celebrates Earth Month By Pioneering New Eco-Friendly Packaging And Becoming The First Organic Sweetener Brand To Join the How2Recycle™ Movement

14 Apr 2016 --- In celebration of Earth Month, Wholesome! is announcing its latest sustainable and eco-friendly packaging initiatives.

New Pack Design for Swizzels Share Bags

15 Apr 2015 --- Iconic British sweet manufacturer, Swizzels has transformed the packaging of its best-selling Loadsa share bag range.

New Santa Sweets Packaging Encourages Youngsters To 'Eat Brighter!'

08 Dec 2014 --- Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation has unveiled new Sesame Street-themed packaging for their popular Santa Sweets authentic grape tomatoes.

Front of Pack Symbols Do Not Indicate Healthier Foods, Suggests Research

07 Nov 2014 --- Products that display front-of-pack ‘health’ symbols do not have better nutrient profiles than those that do not, a study has suggested.

Greiner: New Convenience For Honey Lovers

19 Feb 2014 --- Breitsamer + Ulrich GmbH & Co KG from Munich are among the leading honey bottlers in Europe. Their products combine tradition and quality and are sold in glass as well as in plastic packaging.

Tetra Pak and Braskem to Sign Supply Agreement

26 Jun 2013 ---  In a first for the carton packaging industry, Tetra Pak, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has announced that it plans to sign an agreement with Braskem, the largest thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas, for the supply of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) made from sugar cane to its packaging material factories in Brazil.

Vegware Stirs Up Coffee Market With First Compostable Sugar Sticks

29 Nov 2012 --- Vegware’s sugar sticks replace the PE lining with a plant-based heat-sealable coating. That means that after use, Vegware’s sugar sticks can be recycled either with dry paper, or composted with food waste.

Morrisons Announces Support for Hybrid Food Labelling System

25 Sep 2012 --- Currently, retailers use different criteria to convert nutritional information into traffic lights, which prevents shoppers making clear comparisons between products. As a result, foods which have similar nutritional profiles show different colours on the traffic light display.

Zulka Pure Cane Sugar Announces New Product Packaging

14 Sep 2012 --- The redesign also includes an updated, modernized logo and a new equivalency icon that illustrates how Zulka is a perfect cup-for-cup replacement for refined white sugar.

Líderpack awards to Leca Graphics for packs based on Billerud FibreForm®

18 May 2012 --- At Hispack, the largest packaging exhibition in Spain, two FibreForm based products won distinguished awards within the food and beverage categories. One was a three-dimensional pack for candy and the other a creative box for sparkling wine.

Braskem Appoints FKuR as Exclusive Distributor of Green-PE in Europe

19 Dec 2011 --- The ethanol used to make Green PE is made from sugarcane produced in Brazil. The renewable resource ratio per product can reach up to 100%, depending on the application.

Sweet Freedom Unveils New Look

02 Dec 2011 --- Sweet Freedom- the only natural sweetener made 100% from fruit – has unveiled a new bespoke bottle and labelling for 2012 to highlight the products versatility and uses from sweetening, drizzling, spreading and baking.

StandUpPouches Introduces the Side Gusset Pouch

16 Nov 2011 --- This design was driven by the ability to have a ziplock closure on a pouch that mimics a box or a carton.

BOBST ‘Capacity Folder’ Brings New Options in Packaging

08 Nov 2011 --- The BOBST-designed unit can be added to Bobst Visionfold, Expertfold, Ambition or Media folder-gluers, and until its arrival on the market, capacity folded products required the use of off-line equipment.

First Commercial Application of Zipbox to Hit Store Shelves

03 Oct 2011 --- Zipbox is a poly-coated paperboard carton incorporating an attached flexible film header containing a ZIP-PAK Press-to-Close solution.

New Honey Aleluya with SSQZ Technology from Aptar Food+ Beverage

23 Sep 2011 --- The package follows the Aleluya aesthetics, illustrating strong product connotation. Its ergonomic shape allows for ease of use.

Berry Plastics and USDA-ARS Collaborate to Create Sustainable Solutions Using PLA and Sugar Beet Pulp

20 Jun 2011 --- The plastic is manufactured from a biodegradable polymer, poly(lactic acid) (PLA), and up to 70% of sugar beet pulp (SBP). SBP is a fiber-rich byproduct of beet sugar processing.

Attiki Greek honey gets a fresh new look

24 May 2011 --- Attiki, Greece’s top-selling honey has been given a packaging revamp as part of a bid to roll the brand out nationally across the UK.

RPC Llantrisant Creates a Buzz for Rowse Honey

25 Apr 2011 --- Squeezability of the packs was important to Rowse and any design change had to be implemented with no impact on the bottles being squeezed and dispensing the honey.