Soft Drinks

Highland Spring to launch eco bottle as permanent fixture after shoppers choose sustainability

23 Jan 2019 --- UK producer of natural source water Highland Spring is making its 100 percent recycled and recyclable eco bottle a permanent product offering in 2019. The decision comes after the brand experienced “major success” in a trial of the eco bottle last year. Further eco bottle product ranges will also launch later this year after shoppers expressed a desire for more sustainable options during the trial.

Ardagh increases can end and tab production to meet growing US demand

08 Jan 2019 --- Ardagh has increased the production of its beverage can end and tabs by 10 percent at its Valparaiso plant in Indiana, US. The move addresses the growing demand for attractive and highly-differentiated can packaging in North America.

Coca-Cola US pens multi-year supply agreement for recycled Loop PET

30 Nov 2018 --- Loop Industries (Loop) has entered into a multi-year agreement with Coca-Cola to supply its branded, high-grade 100 percent recycled plastic resin to participating bottlers within the US. Coca-Cola believes this will be a significant step towards its goal of producing at least 50 percent of its PET bottles from recycled plastics.

Scholle IPN gears up for nitro cold coffee trend with range of aseptic packaging solutions

30 Nov 2018 --- Bag-in-box and pouch packaging supplier Scholle IPN is adapting and evolving its aseptic packaging solutions for the growing nitro cold brew coffee trend. Nitro coffee was originally offered in kegs and is now transitioning to bag-in-box. With solutions like the 1900 Cap Bag-in-Box Package, Scholle IPN is well-positioned to offer customers from major coffee producers to small coffee shops a range of nitro cold brew products, including specialized connectors, bags with the correct fitment, or filling equipment for those bags.

Tetra Pak hits 80 percent renewable carton milestone with Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap

27 Nov 2018 --- Tetra Pak reached another major milestone on its journey towards producing all packaging using sustainably managed, renewable materials with the December 2016 launch of the Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap. Adopted by Netherlands-based FrieslandCampina earlier in 2018 for its popular chocolate milk brand, Chocomel, the 80 percent raw plant material carton continues to attract more sustainability-driven customers.

“Game-changing” Tetra Pak-Veolia partnership to ensure entire carton has recycling value

21 Nov 2018 --- Tetra Pak has secured a significant sustainability boost by partnering with recycling specialists Veolia to ensure that all material components of its cartons have end-use recycling value. While the paperboard component can already be converted into cartons and paper towels, Veolia’s systems will also enable the polymer and aluminum (PolyAl) mix to be converted into industrial applications such as oil canisters and pots (HDPE) as well as crates and plastic pallets (PE Alu). In essence, this means the overall value of used Tetra Pak beverage cartons is expected to double, making the value chain for collection and recycling more efficient and viable.

Nestlé Waters US to boost rPET bottle production with new CarbonLITE agreement

19 Nov 2018 --- Nestlé Waters North America has signed an agreement with rPET supplier CarbonLITE with the latter due to expand its US production by building a third recycling facility in Nestlé Waters’ local bottling region (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania). The new contract builds upon Nestlé Waters’ existing relationship with CarbonLITE, one of the largest producers of food-grade, post-consumer rPET, and allow the beverage company to further expand use of recycled materials in its packaging. The company currently purchases rPET from CarbonLITE’s existing facilities in California and Texas.

BrauBeviale 2018: Crown and Ball exhibit design and connective enhancements in can-differentiation showdown

16 Nov 2018 --- Shelf-appeal and consumer engagement are increasingly significant drivers in metal can design. Although consumers are drinking less soda, other can markets are emerging and expanding, notably craft beer and canned water, with producers demanding the differentiation needed to be competitive on a busy shelf. Two leading metal can suppliers, Crown and Ball, showcased the latest in their decorative techniques and connective technologies during BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, this week.

Instant-mix cap: Karma-Aptar collaboration targets personalized, fortified nutrition trend

12 Nov 2018 --- Creators of the Karma Push Cap Technology, Karma, have formed a collaboration with Aptar Food + Beverage, a global specialist in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, to deliver instant-mix technology to a range of market segments focused on the rising trend of personalized, fortified nutrition. The collaboration believes that the cap has the potential to extend beyond beverage into other industries, including medical and pharmaceutical.

German first: 100 percent recyclate PET bottle launched by start-up share

31 Oct 2018 --- Berlin start-up, share, has become the first beverage producer in Germany to sell its water in PET bottles made of 100 percent recyclate. The company has said that in 2019 it wants to fill water into approximately a million bottles a month made entirely from recycled PET, with estimated savings of over 200 metric tons of plastic waste annually. The bottle design was developed in collaboration with KHS’ Bottles & Shapes consultancy program.

PepsiCo: 25 percent recycled plastic content in its packaging by 2025

29 Oct 2018 --- In a further plastic packaging pledge, PepsiCo will aim to have its packaging consist of 25 percent recycled plastic content by 2025 as part of its sustainable plastics vision. The goal includes an aim specific to PET beverage bottles – 33 percent recycled PET content by 2025. PepsiCo is also a signature of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, announced today, to eradicate plastic waste at source and establish a circular economy for the material, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The company also forged a partnership with Loop Industries, in a move that will boost its access to good quality, recycled PET.

Tetra Pak: Plant-based, water, liquid nutrition and cheese categories set for growth

18 Oct 2018 --- Population growth, enhanced connectivity and demand for sustainability are all key market dynamics motivating Tetra Pak’s trend predictions. At the company’s recent event, Inside Tetra Pak, held in Lund, Sweden, the company offered insights into how such dynamics are shaping interest in plant-based beverages, water, cheese and food supplement nutrition. These trends will continue to grow, the company noted, and Tetra Pak can offer ideal packaging and processing solutions to support NPD.

Welcome to the future? Coca-Cola China integrates retail, recycling and AI technology in vending machine 

03 Oct 2018 --- The Coca-Cola Company has launched a new vending machine concept in China where consumers can purchase beverages, as well as return and recycle used bottles and cans, marking the first concept equipment to combine beverage sales and packaging recycling by Coca-Cola China. The vending machine also uses AI technology such as facial recognition and sound interaction to provide an interactive experience to the consumers.

Coca-Cola Amatil's packaging to be 100 percent recyclable by 2025

02 Oct 2018 --- Australian beverages manufacturer Coca-Cola Amatil has committed to making 100 percent of its Australian packaging recyclable by 2025, including all bottles, cans, plastic wrap, glass and cardboard. The company will also work towards phasing out unnecessary single-use packaging through improved design, innovation or the use of recycled alternatives.

PepsiCo targets 50 percent rPET in plastic bottles across EU by 2030

05 Sep 2018 --- PepsiCo has announced ambitions to achieve 50 percent recycled plastic (rPET) in its bottles by 2030 across the European Union (EU), with an interim target of 45 percent by 2025. The move will see the multinational food, snack and beverage giant more than triple the amount of recycled plastic it uses, equating to over 50,000 tons of rPET.

DS Smith’s new Bag-In-Box solution minimizes plastic waste

28 Aug 2018 --- DS Smith’s plastics division, Rapak, has created a new Bag-In-Box solution with an easy-to-use tap system, longer shelf-life and stockability credentials. The new packaging is the result of a collaboration between UK supplier of frozen drinks Polar Krush and Rapak with the aim of transitioning its packaging of frozen drink concentrates from single-use plastic bottles to a more sustainable alternative. The collaboration believes that the new Bag-In-Box solution will reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfills five times over.

“Setting a world record in reduced bottle weight”: Sidel StarLite Ultralight for carbonated soft drinks

27 Aug 2018 --- The Sidel StarLite family of bottle base solutions is expanding with the StarLite UltraLight for Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) which offers an even lighter bottle than existing options on the market. The new UltraLight CSD base design significantly decreases the amount of raw material needed to produce PET bottles. Thereby, the bottle offers hard discount chains the opportunity to release more affordable carbonated beverages in PET bottles, while strengthening their competitiveness and productivity without hampering the product quality consumers have become to expect, Sidel explains.

JUST water launches 82 percent renewable bottle in UK stores

22 Aug 2018 --- Eco-friendly bottled water brand JUST has launched in the UK across 800 Boots stores and all Whole Foods Market locations as the first step in a major global expansion. The move comes in response to growing consumer demand for sustainable packaged products to minimize plastic pollution, JUST water states. The bottle is recyclable and consists of 54 percent paper, 28 percent plant-based plastic, 3 percent aluminum and 15 percent protective plastic film. The cap is made from sugarcane.

Paint the town red: Coca-Cola revamps original and zero-sugar packaging with “unifying” design

22 Aug 2018 --- Coca-Cola Britain has revealed revamped packaging for its Coca-Cola original taste and Coca-Cola zero sugar. Both the original and sugar-free drinks will feature the iconic Coca-Cola color – red – in a bid to unify both of the variants and encourage more people to try Coca-Cola zero sugar. The move is supported by a US$6.4 million marketing campaign that the company hopes will raise awareness of choice within the Coca-Cola range and drive no-sugar sales. 

Britvic commits US$1.1m a year to UK recycling infrastructure

09 Aug 2018 --- Britvic – the UK’s largest supplier of soft drinks – has announced investments of £850,000 (US$1,090,000) a year in UK recycling infrastructure through its commitment to only purchase domestic Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) from UK recyclers. Britvic signed up to a new partnership with environmental compliance experts Comply Direct in January 2018. Since then, Britvic has not purchased any export recovery notes (known as PERNs), which are generated by UK exporters and therefore encourage the export of waste abroad. Instead, Britvic has chosen to only buy PRNs from UK recyclers meaning Britvic’s £850,000 (US$1,090,000) payment obligation is now being invested solely in the UK’s recycling industry.