Aptar and Ecover launch dispensing closure made of post-consumer recycled resin

14 Feb 2019 --- Aptar Beauty + Home has launched its first dispensing closure made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) in Europe. The closure was developed in collaboration with Ecover and will feature on the eco cleaning products brand’s washing up liquid. Both companies are seeking to continue exploring opportunities to roll out PCR within the wider Ecover product portfolio.  

P&G’s Eco-Box: Increased e-commerce convenience, decreased environmental impact

15 Nov 2018 --- Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is set to launch a new fully recyclable e-commerce liquid laundry detergent pack on the US market in January 2019, which will be available through all major e-retailers. The compact and light Tide Eco-Box is a bag-in-box design which contains 60 percent less plastic compared to the current 150 oz Tide press-tap. Significantly, the Tide Eco-Box does not require any secondary packaging or bubble wrap, enhancing its credentials further as an eco-conscious e-commerce solution.

Seventh Generation reimagines the liquid laundry bottle with plastic and water saving solution

17 Oct 2018 --- Eco-conscious household and personal care company Seventh Generation has launched an innovative new laundry detergent product which is packaged in 60 percent less plastic while containing 50 percent less water. This new “super convenient dosing technology” represents “an effort to modernize the liquid laundry category and drive unnecessary plastic and water waste out of the industry,” the company states.

Henkel’s “social plastic” fulfills “quality criteria” for use in packaging

08 Oct 2018 ---  Henkel teamed up with social enterprise Plastic Bank one year ago to collect waste before it enters the oceans. At the collection centers in Haiti, the local population can return collected plastic waste and exchange it for money, goods, or services. The so-called “Social Plastic” is then integrated back into the plastic value chain. Now for the first time, Henkel included this Social Plastic in its packaging.

Lightweighting while retaining functionality: RPC design

05 Sep 2018 --- RPC Design has implemented a redesign of the award-winning Westland lawn spreader pack that has delivered valuable sustainability benefits. The new container is now lighter and easier to assemble while still “retaining all the user-friendly benefits of the original.”

Henkel pledges 100 percent refillable, recyclable and compostable packaging by 2025

04 Sep 2018 --- By 2025, 100 percent of Henkel’s packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable, according to the company's new sustainable packaging targets. Within the same timeframe, Henkel aims to use 35 percent recycled plastic for its consumer goods products in Europe. Building on its existing efforts and progress in sustainable packaging, Henkel is stepping up its commitment to promote a circular economy further.

TricorBraun develops first 100 percent post-consumer recycled material dish soap cap

30 Aug 2018 --- Seventh Generation, a household and personal care products company active in the sustainable products space, has launched the first liquid dish soap on the market to be made completely of post-consumer recycled materials. Notably, the bottle’s new cap, developed by TricorBraun,  utilizes 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials, many of which were plastic clothes hangers. The new design also supports the company’s goal of ensuring each packaging component across its product portfolio is virgin petroleum free and widely recyclable by 2020.

UPM Raflatac delivers optimal efficiency with “thinnest home and personal care label to date”

19 Jul 2018 --- Pressure-sensitive label specialists UPM Raflatac has announced the launch of its new PE 65 film label stock range in the EMEIA market. It is the company’s thinnest squeezable film to date and the thinnest PE label produced for the home and personal care market.

Newcycling: Henkel, Mondi, Borealis and APK partner for sustainable flexible packaging

21 Jun 2018 --- As part of its sustainability strategy, consumer goods company Henkel is working to further improve the recyclability of its product packaging and to increase its use of recycled materials. A joint development project between Henkel, packaging manufacturer Mondi, plastics manufacturer Borealis and the recycling technology company APK aims to significantly improve the sustainability of plastic multi-layer flexible packaging through a new innovation called Newcycling.

Tisomi Offers Compact Packaging Solution

06 Apr 2018 --- Tisomi Ltd has launched new, compact packaging equipment for the UK market to meet the growing demand for space-efficient flow wrapping technology from small to medium-sized businesses in the food and non-food sectors.

Kilrock Turn To M&H For New Big-K Bottles

15 Sep 2016 --- “It’s the one that works” is Kilrock’s slogan, and it is easy to see why. The Buckinghamshire based company has been a staple in the household product market since the 1930’s. Kilrock is a brand familiar to and loved by many, being sold in major retailers and independent stores across the UK.

Judy Dishwasher Liquid 3L, Best Packaging 2016

14 Jun 2016 --- Always innovative Ennadhafa Judy is pleased to announce that Judy dishwasher liquid 3L was designated as the best packaging 2016 in the “creativity and innovation” section of the national contest Tunisia star pack 2016.

Persil Pouches To Replace Capsules

15 Mar 2016 --- Unilever UK is hoping to clean up in the capsules market with a new pouch format for Persil Capsules that it claims has reduced plastic by 70%. The new, eco-conscious packaging for Persil Capsules will be supported by a £3.5m marketing campaign including TV, social media, and PR and in-store activity.

Earth Friendly Products Debuts New Products And Packaging At Natural Products Expo West In Anaheim, California

09 Mar 2016 --- Earth Friendly Products, the maker of Ecos ™ Laundry Detergent and over 200 award-winning, environmentally friendly cleaning products, will debut several new products and innovative new packaging at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California.

New Dual Chamber Bottle For Deep Clean Foamer Plughole Cleaner Packaged By M&H Plastics

29 Feb 2016 --- The new Buster Deep Clean Foamer is an innovative solution for cleaning drains, pipes and overflows. It is packaged in a dual chamber bottle with a shrink sleeve cover and a cap with a directional nozzle. When squeezed, the directional nozzle mixes the liquids together producing a foaming cleaner with a unique Diactive® action.

Global Closure Systems Is Clean Choice For Vixol Relaunch

23 Feb 2016 --- IP Manufacturing, a leading FMCG manufacturer in Thailand, has chosen Global Closure Systems (GCS) to develop a new dispensing solution for its Vixol range of toilet and bathroom cleaning products. Obrist Thailand, one of 21 GCS plants around the world, has designed a flip-top cap that ensures product integrity through a tamper-evident tear-off band.

UniPak Solution Adds Value

29 Sep 2015 --- Belgian household products company Peritus Brands is running a promotional campaign for its Blan White bleaching powder in UniPak plastic containers from RPC Superfos. Normally sold in a carton box, the 800g square pot, injection molded in polypropylene, is playing a key role in helping to reinforce sales and gain customer loyalty.

New Standard For Laundry Detergent Packet Design And Packaging Moves Forward

04 Sep 2015 --- The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) welcomed the approval of a new voluntary standard designed to help reduce liquid laundry detergent packet accidents among children. The standard is on track for final approval this month by ASTM International, a forum for establishing technical, consensus-based voluntary standards.

Procter And Gamble Announces Eco-Friendly Packaging

23 Jul 2015 --- Procter and Gamble (P&G) Fabric Care has announced a new environmental initiative which will see 230 million bottles of flagship brands like Ariel, Dash, Lenor and Unstoppables made out of ‘Post Consumer Recyclate’ (PCR) which is recycled packaging.

Method's New Liquid Laundry Detergent Is First To Be Packaged In 100% Pcr Pet

29 May 2015 --- Well-known for its brightly colored hand wash and all-purpose cleaning formulations showcased in clear Pet bottles, Method has broken new ground in the liquid laundry detergent aisle, according to Joe Hunter, director of packaging for Method.