Transparent jars: Danone and Amcor create 100 percent recyclable container for all-natural yogurt

17 Jan 2019 --- Danone has collaborated with Amcor to produce a transparent, wide-mouth, spoonable jar for its all-natural yogurt, sold in Argentina. Appealing to the growing “mindful consumer” market in Latin America, the 200ml jar is made from transparent PET, meaning it is 100 percent recyclable, while consumers can easily see the all-nature yogurt through the jar.

Left in the dark? Consumers unaware of nutritional damage caused by light exposure, study finds

07 Jan 2019 --- US-based light protection specialists Noluma International has released new evidence highlighting the rapid degradation of nutrients in dairy as a result of light exposure. In some instances, nutritional degradation can be as high as 51 percent. Noluma has launched state-of-the-art, patented technology which efficiently tests the viability of packaging against light exposure while advising CPGs on how to design-in more effective barrier protection.

a2 Milk ditches plastic bottles for cartons in UK fresh dairy first

10 Dec 2018 --- The a2 Milk Company has launched its fresh milk brand in 1 liter Pure-Pak cartons in the UK, as part of a new processing deal with Elopak customer Crediton Dairy. The UK fresh milk market has been dominated by plastic packaging with millions of bottles disposed of daily, but now the industry is seeing a high-rate of suppliers switching to carton packaging, notes Tim Smiddy, Managing Director of Crediton Dairy.

Glass milk bottles: Australian dairy turns back time in bid to end plastic scourge

23 Nov 2018 --- Australian dairy company Big River Milk is seeking funding in order to discontinue the use of plastic bottles and revert back to glass bottles to package its milk. The milk industry produces billions of single-use plastic bottles every year and the New South Wales company says it wants to start delivering fresh milk in rewashable and refillable glass bottles to help prevent the scourge of plastic pollution.

Elopak launches carbon neutral aseptic Pure-Pak cartons with Natural Brown Board

04 Oct 2018 --- Elopak has made a significant sustainability gain with the launch of the aseptic Pure-Pak carton made with Natural Brown Board. The aseptic Pure-Pak cartons have one less layer and thereby retain the natural brown color of the wood fibers which gives a visible fiber structure. This also results in reduced carbon footprint and reduced weight, providing a naturally different, sustainable and authentic package that meets demands from growing trends in ethical, ecological and organic products.

Sidel on PET for the liquid dairy industry: Differentiation, flexibility and sustainability

29 Aug 2018 --- The use of PET as a packaging material is expected to continue its growth within the global liquid dairy sector. Traditionally packaged in carton or HDPE containers, liquid dairy products bottled in PET are forecasted to grow by 4.4 percent in the period from 2018 to 2020, according to Guillaume Rolland, Vice President Sensitive Products at Sidel. Sidel, provider of complete solutions for packaging liquids in PET, can and glass, advocates for the dairy industry to swap to PET packaging. Rolland explains to PackagingInsights.

Chobani launches squeezable Greek yogurt in resealable pouch

24 Aug 2018 --- Chobani has introduced a new Greek yogurt condiment packaged in a squeezable, resealable pouch. The pouch is designed to increase ease-of-handling over customary yogurt pots and is ideal for squeezing the yogurt on to meals. Chobani tested a variety of squeezable tubes in the development phase and finally settled on a recloseable top-down pouch for dispensing Chobani Savor.

Sealpac’s new FlatSkin “hanging” pack achieves 75 percent plastic reduction

13 Aug 2018 --- Sealpac’s FlatSkin pack combines extended shelf-life and enhanced design appeal with a plastic reduction of up to 75 percent. Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon A/S is one of the early adopters of the FlatSkin packaging system for its hot-smoked salmon products. The products are manufactured on a Sealpac A10 traysealer with 8-impression tooling for cardboard carriers measuring 260 x 130 mm. Each carrier has a double-sided print and hanger hole, which, combined with Sealpac’s unique OnTrayCut system, allow for an attractive vertical presentation at retail.

RPC Superfos enhance tub and lid redesign for Müller’s spreadable butter

27 Jul 2018 --- Two variations of a bespoke tub from RPC Superfos, one featuring a lid from RPC Bebo, are being used for a new spreadable butter from Müller Group, Germany’s largest dairy company. The convenient and attractive tubs were developed and prototyped at the RPC Superfos Innovation Centre in Denmark.

SIG’s QR connected pack solution boosts Brazilian dairy producer's sales by six percent

27 Jul 2018 --- Brazilian dairy producer Languiru has achieved a six percent spike in milk sales thanks to a promotion pilot which allows consumers to scan QR codes via their smartphones to unlock coupons and prizes. Each milk carton, including chocolate milk (Chocolan), is printed with a unique QR code accessible by a SIG-developed app, enabling Languiru to reward customer loyalty and better understand the behavior of consumers. The SIG technology has proved popular, with more than 12,000 codes generated every hour.

Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250 Edge revitalizes Mengniu organic dairy drink for on-the-go

20 Jul 2018 --- Chinese dairy manufacturer Mengniu has launched the first organic milk product to be packaged in the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 250 Edge with DreamCap. The new product line has a higher protein content, improved taste and stands out on the shelf due to a refreshed look. With on-the-go milk drinks gaining increasing popularity in the Asian market in particular, Mengniu says it expects sales of this product to generate US$14.5 million in August alone.

“Heat&Go”: SIG launches microwaveable carton for mobile drinking convenience

19 Jul 2018 ---  SIG has developed a new microwaveable aseptic carton designed specifically for on-the-go consumption of liquid dairy, non-carbonated soft drinks and broth with low viscosity products. The new “Heat&Go” pack is aluminum free and can be heated in a microwave, either in a vending machine, store, café, home or office. SIG cite the rising consumer trend for hot drinks that can be consumed on-the-go – particularly in Asia – as the inspiration behind the design.

Mozzarella packaging: Wipak combines increased product protection with lighter weight

13 Jul 2018 --- At a time when sustainability and the reduction of food waste remain at the forefront of the consumer mindset, Wipak have expanded their range of Bialon and Biaxer laminates, increasing their suitability for use in demanding applications of Mozzarella packaging where the seal strength and the durability of the packaging are of paramount importance.

GEA supplies largest butter making machine in India

13 Jul 2018 --- GEA recently sold its first butter making machine type BUE to an Indian dairy producer. Creamy Foods Limited, located in the state Uttar-Pradesh, placed an order for a GEA BUE 6000, which has a capacity of up to 6000kg/h butter, making it the largest butter making machine in India. The new machine will be brought into operation in February of 2019.

Ilapak launches ultra-hygienic vertical pouch maker for cheese producers

13 Jul 2018 ---  With the trend for packing cheese in compact, convenience style stand-up pouches continuing to grow, Ilapak has launched a new ultra-hygienic version of its flagship Vegatronic vertical bag maker aimed at cheese makers. Whereas other systems might struggle to switch between different pouch formats, the Vegatronic 6000 SD can handle the full array of films and bag styles including complex EasyPack or FlexCan pouches; conventional block bottom and pillow packs; plus reseal options such as zippers, Velcro and peelable labels.

Chobani Greek yogurt: Ready in a “flip” thanks to specialized IML packaging

04 Jul 2018 ---  Chobani has teamed with Australian injection molder PakPot to deliver their fresh Greek yogurt with a dry crunchy mix in an innovative “flipping container.” The container has two compartments which separate the yogurt from the dry crunchy mix until the point of consumption, when the package can be “flipped” to combine the ingredients, maximizing freshness and taste.

Vermont Creamery Debuts New Look At Summer Fancy Food Show

26 Jun 2018 --- Vermont Creamery, makers of award-winning artisan butter and cheese, will unveil a new brand and packaging design at the Summer Fancy Food Show 30 June 2018 to 02 July 2 in New York City. New packaging featuring the refreshed brand design will flow into the marketplace beginning this fall through winter.

SIG produces on-the-go packaging for Mengniu’s ambient yogurt range

26 Jun 2018 --- Richer and creamier than standard drinking yogurt, Mengniu was eager to find an innovative packaging concept that matches its new premium and innovative ambient Zhenguoli yogurt range, which is fast becoming a preferred breakfast habit for many busy commuters to enjoy on their journeys to their workplaces.

Tetra Pak solution enables “world’s first” drinking yogurt with large fruit pieces

21 Jun 2018 --- Tetra Top 200ml packaging has enabled Yili, a leading Chinese dairy manufacturer, to launch what is claimed to be the world’s first ambient drinking yogurt with large fruit and cereal pieces. Tetra Top 200ml is a bottle with large re-sealable screw caps, ideal for the growing on-the-go consumer market.

Nutpods Launches Signature Pack

18 Jun 2018 --- Nutpods, a pioneer in the coffee creamer market, has successfully delivered a delicious, natural, and additive free, plant based alternative to half-and-half. 2018 has started off with big changes and even greater customer reach for nutpods. In September 2018, nutpods is strengthening their commitment to building their brand on ethical practices and providing the best consumer experiences.