Nanotechnology in active packaging: Willing consumers still wary of “contamination,” survey finds

21 Feb 2019 --- Consumers are increasingly willing to use nanotechnology-based solutions in food packaging, but they are wary of how the essential oils – used to prevent spoilage – may “contaminate” foods, a report carried out by the EU-funded NanoPack Project has revealed. The survey informs NanoPack’s continued testing of the technology, which is forecast to reach Technology Readiness Level 7 (Demonstration in an operational environment) by the end of the project (December 2019).

Boosting bread bag recycling: Hovis teams up with TerraCycle in UK

21 Feb 2019 --- British bakery brand Hovis is partnering with recycling experts TerraCycle to boost the recycling rates of bread bags of all brand sold in the UK. Although in theory bread bags are recyclable, there are a number of barriers that prevent them from being recycled at a national level, Stephen Clarke of TerraCycle, tells PackagingInsights. Not all local authorities in the UK recycle them, and there is a limited number of collection points and the bag's light weight can be problematic for councils seeking to collect them at scale.

Fully automated BreadBot really is “the best thing since sliced bread,” says developer

10 Jan 2019 --- Family-owned The Wilkinson Baking Company has unveiled The BreadBot – the world’s first fully automated bread making machine – at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas (CES). The BreadBot turns flour into loaves all on its own, producing bread which is fresh, healthy, preservative-free and eco-friendly in comparison to center aisle bread. The system is aimed at re-establishing an “emotional connection with the shopper” that has been lost in an age of industrial food production.

Schubert fills and packs 160 croissants a minute in single fully-automated system

01 Nov 2018 --- Gerhard Schubert has aided Italian, family-owned company, San Giorgio Dolce & Salato, in its ambitions to be the first manufacturer to introduce pre-baked, filled and frozen croissants to the gastronomic market, with a purpose-built automated processing system. Schubert’s system gently injects different fillings into the baked goods and efficiently combines this operation with the final packaging process via sophisticated pick-and-place robots attached with gentle grippers. Thanks to this automation solution, San Giorgio Dolce & Salato can fill and package 160 croissants per minute.

“Just baked”: Design revamp for Premier Foods' Mr. Kipling international expansion

26 Oct 2018 --- Mr. Kipling, a Premier Foods brand, revamped its packaging design to appeal to new international markets. In order to appeal to fresh consumers, UK design agency Robot Foods focused on a transmitting “just baked” feeling through the packaging. Despite being a household name in the UK, it’s unknown in markets such as Australia and the US. 

Multivac taps into trend towards MAP packs for bakery

05 Jul 2018 --- Multivac, noting the trend in the bakery industry away from frozen products and towards Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) packs, is highlighting its thermoforming packaging machines, tray sealer and chamber machines at iba 2018 in Munich, Germany this September. In addition to the thermoforming packaging machines, two chamber machines will feature, thereby offering a large range of solutions for packing bread, bakery products, biscuits and snacks.

Nothin’ But Foods Unwraps A Fresh Look At The 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show

20 Jun 2018 --- Nothin’ But Foods, maker of Granola Cookie Bites and Snack Bars, has announced a new packaging design for its full line-up of products. The new packaging has started shipping and will be making its way to grocery shelves soon at Whole Foods Northeast and Florida Regions, Wakefern, Publix and more. It is currently available to purchase online.

Tisomi Offers Compact Packaging Solution

06 Apr 2018 --- Tisomi Ltd has launched new, compact packaging equipment for the UK market to meet the growing demand for space-efficient flow wrapping technology from small to medium-sized businesses in the food and non-food sectors.

Anthem Partners With Pladis For Jaffa Cakes Redesign

05 Feb 2018 --- Anthem Worldwide, the global creative agency has partnered with McVitie’s owner, pladis group to redesign the Jaffa Cakes range. 2,000 Jaffa Cakes are produced every minute in the UK, 46 for every household in the country each year.

Rw Garcia Unveils New Packaging Design At The 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show

18 Jan 2018 --- Family-owned and operated snack brand, Rw Garcia, introduces new packaging featuring a fresh look for its 3 Seed Artisan Crackers at the Specialty Food Association’s 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco on 21 January 2018 – 22 January 2018.

Ryvita Launches New Design Created By Coley Porter Bell

30 Nov 2017 --- Ryvita, the original Rye crispbread, has announced that it is re-launching with a new look which will hit shelves this month. The vibrant and eye-catching packaging design was created by award-winning branding consultancy Coley Porter Bell and reflects Ryvita’s positive take on health and consumers’ desire to get more good stuff inside.

Marlo’s Bakeshop Celebrates Secret Family Recipes With Launch Of ‘Heirloom’ Product Line

19 Oct 2017 --- Marlo’s Bakeshop’s new Sweet Heat Double Chocolate Chip Cookies have arrived in festive red packaging, spiced up with a kick of cayenne and cinnamon to warm up cold winter days. Marlo’s Bakeshop’s inaugural line of soft-baked biscotti is based on founder Marlo Giudice’s grandmother’s secret recipe.

Belvita Updates Core Range Pack Design

19 Oct 2017 --- Belvita has updated the pack design and size for its core breakfast biscuit lines.

Mcvitie’s Unveils Halloween Themed Cakes Range

16 Oct 2017 --- McVitie’s has launched a Halloween themed range of cake bars for its Hobnobs and Jaffa Cake portfolios. The line-up includes McVitie’s Hobnobs Eerie Eyeball, McVitie’s Jaffa Freaky Cake, McVitie’s Jaffa Lemon and Slime Cake Bars, and McVitie’s Hobnobs Toffee Apple Flapjacks, all featuring Halloween inspired packaging.

Jus-Rol Re-Launches ‘Bake It Fresh’ Pack Design

29 Sep 2017 --- Jus-Rol is re-launching its “bake it fresh” range, as the brand is looking to “cement further its position as the ready-to-bake category leader.”

New Crisp ‘N’ Fin Variant Added To Burton’s Biscuit Portfolio

07 Sep 2017 --- Burton’s Biscuit Company is extending its Fish ‘n’ Chips brand portfolio with the addition of Crisp ‘n’ Fin – a thinner, crispier version targeting sharing occasions. Available in Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream & Chive flavors, the new variants will feature the same fish shape but with a lighter, crispier texture.

Roberts Bakery Announces Rebrand And Repositioning

06 Sep 2017 --- Roberts Bakery has announced this week that it has rebranded as Roberts, along with the launch of a “new identity, positioning, and product offering.” Following a brand strategy review, Robert’s hopes to “challenge consumers to think differently about bread and bakery” and encourage them to “try something different from a new, modern lifestyle brand.”

Feldmuehle To Present Mineral Oil Barrier Papers At Packaging Innovations 2017 In Berlin

22 Mar 2017 --- Feldmuehle offers paper with mineral oil barrier, providing packaged goods with effective protection against mineral oil migration and contamination. These papers are used by brand owners for the packaging of dry and fatty foodstuffs.

Bahlsen Launches £1 PMP Mini-Bags

15 Mar 2017 --- Biscuit brand Bahlsen has launched a new range of mini-bag PMPs into the convenience channel. Price-marked at £1, the Choco Leibniz, Messino, Waffle and Zoo re-sealable packs contain miniature versions of the Bahlsen biscuit varieties.

Fresh Look For Ryvita Thins

06 Mar 2017 --- Ryvita has revealed a packaging update for its Ryvita Thins range to help consumers navigate between the five flavors. The flatbread range, which launched in 2008, will feature a new geometric design and bold colors to boost shelf stand-out.