“Preserving tradition”: Amcor launches EasyPeel capsule design to simplify opening wine bottles

30 Jan 2019 --- A new capsule design by Amcor is making wine bottles easier to open while preserving time-honored traditions. The EasyPeel wine-opening system uses a one-piece aluminum capsule engineered to open wine bottles along a clean line. Unlike other technologies that rely on pull tabs, EasyPeel allows consumers and professionals to use traditional bottle openers. The improved design prevents tearing, over-cutting or removing the entire capsule – all of which can detract from the carefully crafted aesthetics wine brands work to develop, the company notes.

In the Loop: Unilever launches array of premium reusable packaging solutions

28 Jan 2019 --- Unilever is set to trial reusable premium packaging innovations across nine of its brands, including four new product formats. The rollouts represent the FMCG giant’s first involvement in the landmark Loop initiative. Unilever joins a growing list of world-leading companies committed to exploring the potential of TerraCycle’s waste-free business model in which products are delivered directly to the consumer, returned and refilled in premium packaging.

Ball takes aerosol cans 360° with innovative custom shaping technology

25 Jan 2019 --- Aluminum aerosol packaging innovator Ball is to unveil its latest can technology – 360° degree custom shaping – at the ADF&PCD exhibition in Paris on January 30-31. Ball says that its new technology brings another dimension to can contouring, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically, up to the full circumference of the can, ultimately benefiting both brand owners and end consumers.

Stealing the sustainability show: Steel packaging trumps the alternatives, says thyssenkrupp

21 Jan 2019 --- Steel packaging is outperforming alternatives materials in the drive for more sustainable solutions. That is according to new research commissioned by steel packaging specialists, thyssenkrupp. The research found that a 0.5-liter beverage can made from tinplate is 91 percent recyclable, while European steel packaging recycling rates are relatively high and still increasing.

Ardagh increases can end and tab production to meet growing US demand

08 Jan 2019 --- Ardagh has increased the production of its beverage can end and tabs by 10 percent at its Valparaiso plant in Indiana, US. The move addresses the growing demand for attractive and highly-differentiated can packaging in North America.

Weekly Roundup: UK-wide deposit-return scheme planned for 2023, Stora Enso teams with FSC

21 Dec 2018 --- This week in packaging news, the UK government unveiled plans for a nationwide deposit-return scheme, which is set to launch in 2023. Sustainability action was widespread and exemplified by Stora Enso’s new partnership with FSC, which will aim to increase levels of certified wood supply across Europe, and Ritrama SpA’s launch of a new 50 percent dried grass label for wine, spirits and beer. Meanwhile, Coveris will open its new Pack Positive Centre in Leeds, UK, in the New Year, with the aim of driving sustainable plastic and paper packaging advancements.

Ball to sell Chinese beverage packaging facilities in US$225m deal

14 Dec 2018 --- Ball Corporation will sell its metal beverage packaging facilities in China to ORG Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese metal packaging company. The deal is estimated at US$225 million total transaction consideration including cash, plus potential additional consideration related to the relocation of an existing facility over the next several years. The company currently expects this to be in the range of US$50 million to US$75 million. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals and is expected to close during the second half of 2019.

Christmas cheers: Ball and Carlsberg Srbija team up on festive design

11 Dec 2018 --- In time for the busy Christmas period, Ball has partnered with Carlsberg Srbija Group to create an exclusive, premium can design for Tuborg’s Christmas beers.

“Game-changing” Tetra Pak-Veolia partnership to ensure entire carton has recycling value

21 Nov 2018 --- Tetra Pak has secured a significant sustainability boost by partnering with recycling specialists Veolia to ensure that all material components of its cartons have end-use recycling value. While the paperboard component can already be converted into cartons and paper towels, Veolia’s systems will also enable the polymer and aluminum (PolyAl) mix to be converted into industrial applications such as oil canisters and pots (HDPE) as well as crates and plastic pallets (PE Alu). In essence, this means the overall value of used Tetra Pak beverage cartons is expected to double, making the value chain for collection and recycling more efficient and viable.

European aluminum foil achieves growth despite “volatile” international trade flows

21 Nov 2018 --- European aluminum foil is experiencing record level surges in demand, according to the European Aluminum Foil Association (EAFA). The third quarter of 2018 has improved on the same period in 2017, principally because of continued outstanding performance in overseas markets, with deliveries in Q3 reaching 237,700 tons, an increase of 6.4 percent on the same period of 2017. Domestic demand has remained solid throughout 2018 and continued to reflect (+0.5 percent) a steady recovery in consumption.

Nespresso to produce “world’s first” responsibly-sourced aluminum coffee capsules

20 Nov 2018 --- Nespresso claims that it will be the first company to use responsibly-sourced aluminum, supplied by Rio Tinto, to produce its coffee capsules. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together, allowing Nespresso’s capsule manufacturers to fulfill a commitment of sourcing 100 percent sustainable aluminum by 2020.

BrauBeviale 2018: Crown and Ball exhibit design and connective enhancements in can-differentiation showdown

16 Nov 2018 --- Shelf-appeal and consumer engagement are increasingly significant drivers in metal can design. Although consumers are drinking less soda, other can markets are emerging and expanding, notably craft beer and canned water, with producers demanding the differentiation needed to be competitive on a busy shelf. Two leading metal can suppliers, Crown and Ball, showcased the latest in their decorative techniques and connective technologies during BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, this week.

Ardagh announces testing third quarter amid US automation speculation

12 Nov 2018 ---  Global metal and glass packaging specialists Ardagh has announced a 9 percent drop in profits while recording a 3 percent increase in revenue in its third quarter financial results. Overall revenue was recorded at US$2.39 billion, however profit prior to tax shows a 9 percent decrease (US$400 million). Lower earnings in glass packaging in the US and metal packaging in Europe, in addition to cost inflation, are reasons for the profit decrease.

SipNShut: Reclosable all-aluminum can to hit shelves next year

12 Nov 2018 --- SNSTech’s latest launch, an all-aluminum, reclosable beverage called SipNShut, is said to tackle production, usability and sustainability issues that have thwarted the adoption of other reclosable can options in becoming commercially viable. Aside from a few major brands, reclosable can systems are not seen often on store shelves, the company notes.

A twist on the classic: Ardagh revamps Norwegian seafood tin design

09 Nov 2018 --- Ardagh Group has collaborated with Norway seafood brand Stabburet to deliver a revamped, lively design for its classic aluminum seafood cans. The project targeted Stabburet’s mackerel fillet range – a national dish in Norway – and presented sixty different designs on the Hansa shaped seafood can – the typical aluminum can with rounded edges used for seafood.

BrewDog launches “mythical unicorn” design for craft beer stand-out

25 Oct 2018 --- BrewDog's new lager in its canned range aims to differentiate the brand in the competitive craft beer market and steps away from BrewDog’s color-coded can style, in which the lager variant was traditionally yellow. Designed by B&B studio, the new design is white, with red type and a silver unicorn illustration to further differentiate the lager from the rest of the range.

Crown study: Younger consumers prioritize sustainable packaging in purchase decisions

24 Oct 2018 --- Crown has partnered with the design and research agency Kinneir Dufort to conduct a UK study into consumer perceptions of packaging. The study followed consumers from a variety of demographics over a two-day period where they were asked to explore the soup, vegetable, fish, ready meal and pet food categories and to provide contextual insight into how consumers store, open and use food packaging. Crown aimed to better understand purchasing decisions and found that while younger consumers prioritize sustainable packaging in product choices, older consumers were more concerned by ease-of-opening and exhibited unwavering brand loyalty.

Nestlé-Sainsbury’s collaboration to offer personalized Quality Street tins this Christmas

22 Oct 2018 --- Nestlé has partnered with Sainsbury’s to launch a personalized tin for Quality Street chocolates this Christmas. The partnership has cited the success of last year’s launch of a personalized tin and said that this year’s offer is even bigger and better as the promotion will run in over ten times more locations than last year, making it easier than ever for consumers to pick up the bespoke Christmas tin.

Craft beer production speeds optimized with smart packaging WaveGrip systems

09 Oct 2018 --- Beverage multi-packing smart systems provider WaveGrip has helped increase Royal Docks Brewing Company’s beer output with a new packing applicator and brand defining colored carrier system. Having previously partnered with a canning company, Royal Docks switched to its own canning line in 2017. Recently, however, it has required a faster and less labor-intensive solution to keep pace with its ongoing growth: The WaveGrip G1, with speeds of up to 100 cans-per-minute (cpm) and ability to pack a full range of can sizes with minimal downtime.

Ardagh to showcase latest in metal and glass sustainable solutions at BrauBeviale 2018

09 Oct 2018 --- Ardagh Group is set to showcase its award-winning, textured and embossed innovations in aluminum and steel can coating at the upcoming BrauBeviale 2018 show in Nuremberg, Germany. The supplier states that these latest innovations represent its continued focus on innovation and sustainability as the pillars at the forefront of its mission to meet consumers’ growing demand for brand-enhancing and sustainable metal and glass packaging.