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Weekly Roundup: Sealed Air acquires flexible packaging presence in Asia, RKW launches “super sustainable” shrink film

22 Feb 2019 --- In packaging news this week, Sealed Air has expanded its Asia Pacific presence with the acquisition of MGM, a printing and laminating flexible packaging specialist headquartered in the Philippines. In another big business move, pharmaceutical packaging supplier ACG Group has opened a US$93 million capsules manufacturing plant in Brazil. Innovative new launches this week included RKW’s “super sustainable” stretchable shrink film, which is unique in that it can be cut smaller than the pallet size and pulled over the palletized goods.

Bio-naptha boom: Arla Oy to bring entirely wood-based packages to the Finnish market

06 Feb 2019 --- Arla Oy has become the first company in Finland to use renewable, wood-based bioplastics for the thin plastic film necessary in gable top, paperboard cartons for milk, yogurt and cooking products, in collaboration with UPM Biofuels. As a result of the sustainability-oriented revamp, an estimated 40 million Arla packages will be made entirely wood-based and ready for the market this year.

Avery Dennison launches rPET liners in four new constructions across Europe

04 Feb 2019 --- Adhesive manufacturer Avery Dennison’s recently launched portfolio of recycled PET (rPET) liners has been boosted by the introduction of four new labeling constructions, available across Europe. The new liner labels are made using 30 percent rPET and designed to separate easily from PET bottles, aiding the post-consumer recycling process.

Stripping back and cleaning up: Bride Valley taps into minimalistic wine design trend

04 Feb 2019 --- English sparkling wine producer Bride Valley has released its latest variant – a Cremant – in a “stripped back” minimalistic theme designed to differentiate the product in an increasingly “saturated wine market.” When crafting the original visual identity, design agency Lewis Moberly introduced a three-toned label around the neck of each bottle that “subliminally represents” the layers of the rich soil that gives the Bride Valley range its refined flavor.

Poor labeling on food packaging leads to “accidental purchases,” while eating out is “big problem,” survey finds

01 Feb 2019 --- A US study shows that 33 percent of Americans have accidentally bought food that does not align with their dietary requirements and do so on a weekly basis – and they blame poor labeling. Just over three-quarters (76 percent) have unintentionally consumed food restricted from their diet with the main reason being that they were served the wrong food by waiting service while eating out. And 37 percent of respondents listed poor food labeling as the second most common reason for purchasing incorrect products.

Waitrose launches US$1.32m initiative to tackle UK plastic pollution

29 Jan 2019 --- UK supermarket Waitrose has launched The Million Pound Challenge in partnership with environmental charity, Hubub. The retailer will award funds, over one year, to projects that can demonstrate an impact on plastic pollution now and in the future. The £1 million (US$1.32 million) fund has been raised from the sale of 5p carrier bags and grants will range from £150,000 (US$197.83) to £300,000 (US$395.66).

The straw that broke the cow’s back: Ben & Jerry’s to eliminate single-use plastic in Scoop Shops worldwide

29 Jan 2019 --- Ben & Jerry's is to eliminate plastic straws and spoons from its more than 600 Scoop Shops worldwide in early 2019. As part of the company’s commitment to eradicating single-use plastic, it also “plans to address” plastic cups and lids used to serve ice cream by the end of 2020.

In the Loop: Unilever launches array of premium reusable packaging solutions

28 Jan 2019 --- Unilever is set to trial reusable premium packaging innovations across nine of its brands, including four new product formats. The rollouts represent the FMCG giant’s first involvement in the landmark Loop initiative. Unilever joins a growing list of world-leading companies committed to exploring the potential of TerraCycle’s waste-free business model in which products are delivered directly to the consumer, returned and refilled in premium packaging.

Ball takes aerosol cans 360° with innovative custom shaping technology

25 Jan 2019 --- Aluminum aerosol packaging innovator Ball is to unveil its latest can technology – 360° degree custom shaping – at the ADF&PCD exhibition in Paris on January 30-31. Ball says that its new technology brings another dimension to can contouring, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically, up to the full circumference of the can, ultimately benefiting both brand owners and end consumers.

“New year, new me”: What makes good packaging design in 2019?

25 Jan 2019 --- When it comes to redesigning or “revamping” packaging designs, the first and foremost question posed should always be “why.” Is the brand expanding its target demographic, for example, or its sustainability credentials? Both are common reasons that prompt companies to knock at designers’ doors. PackagingInsights speaks to designers from within the industry to understand what questions must be asked and what trends are pushing redesigns.

Highland Spring to launch eco bottle as permanent fixture after shoppers choose sustainability

23 Jan 2019 --- UK producer of natural source water Highland Spring is making its 100 percent recycled and recyclable eco bottle a permanent product offering in 2019. The decision comes after the brand experienced “major success” in a trial of the eco bottle last year. Further eco bottle product ranges will also launch later this year after shoppers expressed a desire for more sustainable options during the trial.

“Visual language is the future of packaging design,” says Dutch expert, Marc Pruijssers

22 Jan 2019 --- “It’s not what you read,” says packaging design expert, Marc Pruijssers, during his recent TEDx Venlo talk on visual language, “it’s what you see, is what you get.” Pruijssers demonstrates that the most aesthetically-pleasing design choice is not always the most commercially effective and that a more scientific approach to packaging design is required. He speaks to PackagingInsights about the power of visual language in connecting consumers with packaging at the all-important point of sale.

Tetra Pak to launch industry-first full-color digital printing in 2020

18 Jan 2019 --- Tetra Pak will become the first company in the food and beverage carton industry to offer full-color digital printing on its carton packages, working in collaboration with Koenig & Bauer, a global leader in the field. The investment in digital on-package printing will offer new possibilities for beverage brands to customize products and differentiate branding.

Transparent jars: Danone and Amcor create 100 percent recyclable container for all-natural yogurt

17 Jan 2019 --- Danone has collaborated with Amcor to produce a transparent, wide-mouth, spoonable jar for its all-natural yogurt, sold in Argentina. Appealing to the growing “mindful consumer” market in Latin America, the 200ml jar is made from transparent PET, meaning it is 100 percent recyclable, while consumers can easily see the all-nature yogurt through the jar.

Mustard mission: Bavarian producer achieves plastic reduction with Bag-in-Box dispenser

14 Jan 2019 --- Family-owned Bavarian mustard producers Mari-Senf has launched a new Bag-in-Box dispensing system which has “huge plastic waste reduction potential.” Designed by DS Smith’s UK Rapak division in collaboration with Swedish dispensing specialists Asept, the Bag-in-Box design aims to minimize serving and clean-up time for street food kiosks, making it ideal for events such as Germany’s Oktoberfest.

Packaging trends 2019: Part 2 – Embracing the digital age

11 Jan 2019 --- In Part 1 of Packaging trends 2019, PackagingInsights explored the biggest driver in packaging today: sustainability. Sustainability is at the center of another major trend – the rise of e-commerce – which is set for a pivotal year, especially after Amazon announced that its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) program will be enforced with financial penalties as of October 1, 2019, in five major EU countries and August 1, 2019, in the US and Canada. Part 2 explores this major trend in addition to another anticipated development in 2019: the continuing popularization of connective packaging technologies.

Südpack’s Ecocraft Skin pack receives print design boost as rollout approaches

11 Jan 2019 --- Plastic film specialists Südpack will begin the commercial rollout of its easy-to-recycle Ecocraft Skin packaging this year. Ecocraft Skin is aimed at helping meat, fresh fish and cheese products attract attention in the refrigerated and frozen food sections with its paper-like look. The pack is designed to improve sustainability levels while, significantly, it does not require food manufacturers to invest in new thermoforming machines.

Packaging trends 2019: Part 1 – The search for sustainability

08 Jan 2019 --- Packaging trends in 2018 were dominated by sustainability action, largely fueled by rising anti-plastic sentiment. It was a year that saw widespread bans on single-use plastic items, the announcement of The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and the launch of the world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisles in Amsterdam and London. At the same time, the milestone merger of two plastic giants in Amcor and Bemis suggests that there are still major players ready to invest in the future of the material. In the first of a two part report on packaging trends, PackagingInsights speaks to several industry experts about what to anticipate in 2019, starting with the most hotly contested trend: sustainability.

Talking jars: Francesco Rinaldi launches first AR technology in pasta sauce category

13 Dec 2018 --- Francesco Rinaldi has become the first pasta sauce brand to incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) technology into its packaging. In a move anticipated to enhance brand loyalty and increase sales, consumers can scan Rinaldi jar labels with a smartphone and watch the brand’s icon, Mrs. Rinaldi, deliver “an entertaining and engaging product message” via a downloadable app.

Christmas cheers: Ball and Carlsberg Srbija team up on festive design

11 Dec 2018 --- In time for the busy Christmas period, Ball has partnered with Carlsberg Srbija Group to create an exclusive, premium can design for Tuborg’s Christmas beers.